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Thread: Is now all Champions have just one style build ?

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    Is now all Champions have just one style build ?

    Everybody feel like me ?
    In many games, they have 2 basic classes are Physical and Magical heroes, but in TGT now has just one style build by maxing bowling. Khan, nexi, ninjete,... look like the Physical champions but now they also have to max bowling workouts.
    PPl just run, then cast skills, pyp by skills, lasthit by skills, ks by skills... This game is imbalance now i think.

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    I only run max bowling on platymus and kilowatt

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    Hello there Emomiime here! While there is truth to every champion is capable of building bowling, bowling isn't necessarily the best to build on all champs as well as every champion has several viable builds not just with bowling. An example I like to use is Rook. Rook only have one ability that's benefits from bowling (dark bolts) which doesn't have the best scaling (300 dmg i believe). While bowling still does benefit this one move to do more damage, that is all that's benefitted. Also rook had low max energy compared to individuals that I normally build full bowling on like Platimus and Ace. So what do I build on rook? Crit. With 2 T3 darts, 3 T2 darts, and her weapon bats, Rook has an impressive 23.5% crit chance. Also with Rook having a stun, she has a guaranteed chance of hitting her R2 attacks for crits. This build can also be better than bowling against champs with Girded due to crits going through Girded. Bowling is not always the best way to go. Feel free to explore different options for each champion.

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    That's how you obliterated me with rook. Mwhaha I know your trickery!

    Great example emo. As I was scrolling down I thought about my rook. Rooking the darts. See what I did there?!

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