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Thread: Respawn Bug/Glitch/Hack?

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    Respawn Bug/Glitch/Hack?

    Ran across this last night, dude is respawning on his dead body and on our plunderball point.

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    Hey Bop thanks for the video! A couple bugs of bots still keeping the plunderball after dying and respawning in weird areas in Plunderball mode have been noticed recently. For some reason, bots have been known to respawn in the plunderball area. I have not been able to duplicate the bug so I am not sure how this occurs but I'l be sure to keep my eyes out and if I am able to find the trigger I'll post it here. Thanks and have a good day!
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    yeah, I've tried to figure out what happened in this video. The fact that it happened twice and spawned on and off the point doesn't seem like a coincidence, also the Kahn doing it was not a bot and after watching them do it twice they either disconnected or quit the game. I will be trying to find and make as many videos as I can while still trying to play other games as well before the tournament. I kinda want to wait till this Thursdays patch because honestly I have no clue what they are fixing before posting a video to my previous bug reports. Who knows what could go wrong with it, hopefully nothing, but just want to look into everything.
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