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Thread: Kiz Studios Community Facebook Page!

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    Cool Kiz Studios Community Facebook Page!

    Hello there Emomiime here! Capt_Sno and his crew have made a facebook page for Kiz Studio games! Like TGT? Great! Like Might & Mayhem? Also great! Love both? This group is your spirit animal! Feel free to join us for all news concerning Kiz studio games and also for great discussion between your fellow community members! Feel free to hit us up and let's have a good time! Thanks and have a good day everyone!
    PSN: XxemomiimexX Feel free to add me!

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    Just wanted to add to what Emomiime said. Emomiime is an admin for the Facebook group as well as NatAllThat and I. Also the group isn't just limited to Might & Mayhem and TGT. The group is for ALL of KIZ Studios games so enjoy!!!

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