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Thread: 2ND Ever TGT Tournament, Annihilation it shall be :)

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    2ND Ever TGT Tournament, Annihilation it shall be :)

    Hello everyone, New to the forums but of course not new to the game.
    I will be hosting the next Tournament, and I'm sure you're all quite happy to hear that this tournament will be centered around Annihilation. A favored game type by many players of the TGT society.
    Just like the last tournament, this one will be 4 V 4, best of 3 matches. The tournament will take place on NOVEMBER 14th, 2015. At: 2:00 P.M EST. Now to get into the rules and about the tournament a little further.


    ~ No duplicate champions on same team, however, there can be multiple of a champion in one game (1 per team)
    ~ All badges and workouts are available to use at this time.

    ~Tournament will be best of 3 Annihilation matches.
    ~Each team will consist of a minimum of 4 player and a maximum of 6 players (2 subs)
    ~Each team will need a captain that will be in charge of communicating decisions to me such as team roster, team name, and picks and bans in the matches themselves.
    ~Teams will be decided on whoever wants to team together. So communicate and figure that out. That being said just like the last tournament for those who are more solo at this time, there will be a thread created for you to find a group to participate.
    ~The captain for each team will be required to stream their game in order for refs to be able to watch the game for fair play and to be streamed for the community to see.

    How will teams que up against each other?
    We will use practice mode and have both team que up at the same time until they get into the same match.
    Picks and bans will be done verbally before queing up due to short pick times in game.
    The Bracket will be set up using
    Seeds will be randomly generated.

    Exploiting bugs during a tournament is considered illegal and will result in an automatic loss.(known bug atm is being able to jump into spawn zones with champs like rook/oddilus) , even though with Annihilation this wont be a problem its still a good example.

    This will work just like the last tournament, I believe that it worked out well.
    Coin toss to decide who goes first (Coin toss will be decided using

    Ban = Neither team can play said character.

    Team1:1 Ban
    Team2:1 Ban

    Team1:2 Picks
    Team2:1 Picks

    Team1:2 Pick
    Team2:3 Picks

    How will this work?
    Both teams as well as one tourney mod will join in a private party chat using the PS4 Party function. Only team captains and the mod will be allowed to speak.
    Other team members must communicate to team using another method (group messaging using PS4 for example).
    The two team captains, will follow the turn base set and tell me which champions they will be banning, for that particular match.

    If for some reason one team plays a banned character by mistake or for any other reason. They will suffer a lose for the round.

    First and foremost all applicants have to be a member of the PSN community: Trans Galactic Tournament Crew
    How to join community, its very very simple.

    To join community on PSN!
    Steps: ( because play station didn't include a search feature yet.. )
    1. Add me on PSN ( name: Alexzimys )
    2. Go to friends list, on left go to communities.
    3. Friends communities.
    4. Find "Trans Galactic Tournament Crew" and join.

    After you and all your team members are in the community
    Follow the below step:

    Team Sign Ups
    Please send all application to my email: It works easier for me, I will then verify all members are in the community and post that you have been registered to the bracket page :
    Also I will post on thread, saying you're team name has been registered.

    Team Name:
    Sub1: (optional)
    Sub2: (optional)

    No player can play for more than one team! So choose teams carefully.

    Prizes, Because a tournament would not be nearly as fun if we didn't win something

    All Packs that are rewarded are given to us by Kiz Studios themselves! Be sure to thank them! (Thanks so much guys.)
    Only members that participated in at least 2 games themselves will receive rewards. (Subs do not get rewards unless they actually sub in for a member.)

    3rd Place: All members receive the Welcome TGT Pack Which consists of: 10k coins, 5 XP boosts, 5 Coin boosts. (If you have already received one of the packs you will not be able to receive another in which case sorry. You will be remembered and I will try to see that you do receive a reward in the future.)

    2nd Place: All members will receive a Chip Pack which will have 1,400 chips in the pack!

    And our first place winners will receive: All members will get a Chip Pack as well as a $20 PSN card!

    I'm exciting to be hosting the First Annihilation Tournament, and I hope you guys are just as excited as i am to Participate! So go buy Brutus a new sword, and make sure you have the right costume picked out for Xavilla, Because its tournament time Ladies and Gentlemen.

    Last thing: Also, if you would like to help with the tournament, but participating is not your thing. I am looking for 2 more additional helpers who would be watching the live feeds for suspicious activity.
    If this is more your speed email me:

    Teams Signed Up:
    Drama Void:
    Captain: famxreaver
    Member1: frapass1
    Member2: ApeSlayer1293
    Member3: Frankntooth88
    Sub1: CHARMED0808
    Sub2: brent__556
    Stay Free:
    Captain: fishpaste777
    Member 1: IKnow_Breh
    Member 2: TheHashAssassin
    Member 3: ZRO2SIXTY
    Sub 1: omgoff
    Sub 2: Transdrive
    Raymen Squad:
    Captain: Raymenkiller23
    Member1: Sergiod5599
    Member2: Lz_Mr_Mcnazty
    Member3: THE_JOKESTER16
    We're Obviously Better Than You:
    Member1: Frickzaen
    Member2: BaIIz2yoursir
    Member3: Grillix
    Member4: Hangtime1984
    sub1: iThrowlightning
    sub2: Ahmad1125
    We Khan Ace It:
    Captain- TWzzormin
    Member 1: gippal17
    Member 2: itsRuskoYo
    Member 3: hellcatrock17
    Sub1: chuckwbranch
    The Galactic Council:
    Captain: gregoryr23
    Member1: xdarkrocker
    Member2: Erendil_01
    Member3: mel9008
    Sub1: RowdyMcRoutRout
    Sub2: drow120
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    5v5 mode isn't gonna be added yet shame

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    In due time my friend
    There's always future tournaments to endure.

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    i have idea, you need staffs, start matchs sametime in one round better for saving time...
    btw, my zone is GMT+7, At last tournament, i had waited from 2AM - 7AM for just semi final round

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    If you read the bottom, i mentioned help would be needed for the tournament. If you would like to submit for help please send me your info and I'll get in contact

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virkynguyen View Post
    i have idea, you need staffs, start matchs sametime in one round better for saving time...
    btw, my zone is GMT+7, At last tournament, i had waited from 2AM - 7AM for just semi final round
    Don't play Evolve on PS4 takes 4 hours for FOUR groups to finish a tourney

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    aw, sorry for my mistakes, i didn't read all.
    i wanna help but problem is my english isn't well, and big problem is i wanna join as a player on.
    btw, i'm yolohcm

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    YoloHCM as in top of the leaderboard in Annihilation. You should totally participate in the tournament. You just need to find a team and go through the steps!

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    2Pm est... that's 11a.m for me... hmmm I hope I can wake up lol

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