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Thread: DO Vooghoul's Weapon Inferno Gloves works right ?

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    DO Vooghoul's Weapon Inferno Gloves works right ?

    Inferno gloves +20% Atk damg and 5% Critical chance while his atk Damg is 0, and i tried test many time surething he can't do a crit atk. I just wanna ask that's the devs idea or ...?

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    Hello there Emomiime here! Sorry for the late response. I saw your post mentally responded to it then forgot to actually post. In reality, his Inferno Gloves are working correctly. The problem is Vooghoul is unable to crit and atk damage does nothing for him. So essentially, these gloves are only good for the Detonate passive. I am not sure why these gloves have those stats. Maybe in original SMC these stats benefited Voo and they forgot to change the stats when they transferred him to TGT. Hopefully this answers your question and have a good one!
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    Thanks for the feedback! We will look into connecting it to Detonate instead of basic.

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