I've been playing this game a couple days now and I thoroughly enjoy it.

Just played a game of Annihilation a few minutes ago, and right off the bat all 3 of my teammates scurried off in different directions. I followed one to try and stick together and give us the best chance of winning a battle. It was about 20-30 seconds into the match before the other team (travelling in a group of 4) had whiped through my team.

I understand this is an issue of strategy/cooperation.

My problem however is that for the rest of the game we kept being spawned alone, only to be killed within about 5-8 seconds of spawning as the opponent kept travelling in their whole group. Again I understand travelling in a group is good strategy.

Because of this we were done from the start. My team was unable to mount a comeback and basically I just sat there watching my champ be spawn killed repeatedly for the duration of the match.

To resolve this I may suggest a few things,

1) Do not allow this game mode to be played on a map smaller than a certain size. Because the map was so small it was impossible to regroup with my team without entering the radar of the opponent and being 1 shot.

2) Create a "Resurrection Shield" that either boosts a players defense for 3-5 seconds, boost their attack, make them invincible for a short period of time (with reduced damage to keep it fair) or a combination of the three.

3) Spawn players in pairs. I personally would not mind waiting an extra 10-15 seconds to re-spawn if it meant I would be spawned with a teammate and have a better chance of survival. The way I see it, you'd have that constant wait time from being spawn killed, so it in affect reduces your wait time.

4) A combination of the 3 options above. Personally I think spawning with a teammate as well as a 3-5 second damage reduction would be the best solution.

Thank you for your time in reading this,