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Thread: Holy Gold Prices

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    Holy Gold Prices

    The grind is real...

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    Quote Originally Posted by omgoff View Post
    The grind is real...
    Absolutely we'll get there.

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    Rofl that is the best thing I think I've ever seen.

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    Hello there Emomiime here! nice meme!! and I definitely agree. Now let's crunch some numbers guys. To max one champion now will take 354k gold which will take (5 mins avg game) 29.5 hours with no boosts and 14.75 hours with a boost....

    Let's do a comparison to another MOBA known as League of Legends. To get one of the most expensive champs takes about 79 wins (6300IP champ with an average of 80 ip per win) 130 wins to max a rune page (10,455IP) which takes about 118 hours to purchase and fully max a champion. Wait doesn't that mean that League of Legends takes longer? Not exactly. A rune Page can be used for all champions! Of course different champions with different roles wouldn't use the same runes pages (same is true here on TGT), but if you made a rune page for a mage, you now have the ability to use all 51 mage champions in League of Legends. So in hours wise, Maxing 4 champions on current TGT would take the time to Max 51 champions on League of Legends (118 divided by the 29.5) Ok this is an exxageration since I didn't include the cost of the mage champs, but Leauge champs range from champions cost the amount of 6 wins (450 Ip champs) to the 79 wins champions.

    Now please don't take this post as me being angry. I am just doing some interesting calculations that I thought many be beneficial. I agree that before this patch champions was easy to max (I maxed 9 within 71 hours of gameplay which is an means 7.8 hours to max a champ. I played most of these hours with boosts) so a happy medium does need to exist. Possible solution would be to reduce prices by 25%. T3 Traning = 12k Weapon = 13.5k T3 Badges = 24k. This would mean that to max a champion would take 265.5k gold or 22 hours without boost and 11 hours with a boost. So for the average player (8 hours a week seem reasonable?) 3ish weeks without boosts and 1.5ish weeks with a boost.

    Also something else I would like to see is for you guys double the requirements for dailies and double the amount of reward. Since dailies are only one a day, but can stack to three, I feel as if they should take longer to accomplish. 3500 damage? 1 game and done. 3 Wins with Nexi? Easy. You guys have even implemented a reroll system for those dailies people just don't want to do. This would also give people a new experience with the game. I myself never play conquest, but if 7k gold is on the line, of course I'm going to! This allows players to explore different aspects of the game for longer amounts of time and gives them a new experience so TGT doesn't get stale.

    Thanks for your time and have a good one!
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    Agreed completely with Emo.

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    All I want is more coins if you win multiple games in a row.

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    I agree omgoff
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    I just started. This is pregnant ? Cuz people telling me different ...

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