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Thread: New player level 30 Looking for some friendly gamers!

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    New player level 30 Looking for some friendly gamers!

    Hello everyone, PSN: Gods-_-Gift or Gods-_-Gifts lol

    I have been playing since the weekend and I'm currently level 30, If I'm honestly I'm looking for decent players to play with as I have constantly been carrying my team and always averaging Kills 38 and DPS 50-60K while my team are getting around 8 kills max.

    I understand that it is a new game but it gets really tiring having to babysit. "Yes I know I'm new" but I just want to have a friendly game with decent players.

    My name PSN: is Golds-_-Gifts feel free to add me and I'm sure a few of you have seen my name around abit

    Awesome game by the way looking forward to future updates and characters

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    Hello there emomiime here! Feel free to add me! I mostly play during the weekends (friday, sat, and monday) but I've played quite a bit so if you need anything feel free to ask! PSN: XxemomiimexX

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    Add me ZRO2SIXTY

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