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Thread: Emomiime's Disscussion of Patch 1.09

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    Emomiime's Disscussion of Patch 1.09

    Hello there Emomiime here! After my several days of silence and careful consideration, I have decided to make a post concerning the new patch. Originally, I thought that I would try to convince Kiz using numbers, stats, and my experiences that raising the gold price is a mistake. I wanted to stick to my guns and try and fight this out to "prove that the gold increase is a huge mistake. I even started doing this in the thread. In this thread I thought up "better" gold prices. However, I still think that these prices are too high and only if the gold prices go back to original or slightly higher will the gold prices be acceptable to players. But I've decided to let Kiz do what they want with their game and I as a member of the community will act accordingly. I will point out some topics that I have not seen others discuss so far in order to give Kiz a different perspective to view this issu from as they decide what the future of TGT is.

    Holytoledo stated that the reason for the Gold increase is because players are progressing through the game too quickly. I believe, that this is incorrect. I have been playing since July 22 2015 and so far I have maxed out 9 champs. Wow that's a lot right? I have also bought the Galatic pack and have bought around 500 gold boosts. Since becoming level 30 (hmm probably around august 7thish?) I have been using nothing but gold boosts whenever I play. So to have played 72ish hours (in a match this does not count waiting times to get in games, times spent looking at different builds/workouts, or waiting for people to come back after crashing.) So for me to have maxed out 9 champs I find to be reasonable. Especially when you consider other aspects.

    1. New champions are going to be coming out: Currently there are 14 champs. In original SMC there were 30 champs I believe, so I am not even half way through the game yet. Also Kiz probably plans on making more champs so not an issue there.

    2. Multiple builds: There are several champions that exist that have several different possibilities as to what they can as. Minos= Crit/Bowling Rook=Crit/Bowling Ninjette=Crit/Bowling/Bowling Respawn etc. Almost every champion has an alternative build that can be effective which means I will most likely have at least two builds for each champion! Look at that! Just for having the 30 champs Kiz has currently created, I will be maxing an equivalent of 60 champs!

    3. Skill Swaps: While this does relate to #2 I feel like this should be its own topic. Skill Swaps are weapons that completely change one skill that a champion has. Once this is implemented into the game, I will create new builds to work out these items or just completely change a build that I have currently in order to make these skill swaps work effectively. Which means more coins and even more time played.

    4. Grind Vs. Fun: The original TGT prices made the game not feel like a grind. During that time I never worried about gold and just have fun while getting gold along the way. Now with how gold prices are, it feels like I am never going to get any where in the game and what becomes more important is how effectively I can get gold. This leads to negative gameplay aspects like farming respawn zones so that a ball carrier is un interreupted and can win the game quicker. Using broken mechanics to kils enemies and get gold faster. Etc. The game is a grind that if you invest your life, you will be able to get to T3.

    Here are some topics to think about Kiz. I hope for the sake of the community as well as my own feelings that you will do what you guys think is the best for us and you.
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    Emo, i have never loved you more than i did right after reading this post.

    Dear Kiz,

    I know you guys meant well trying to extended the duration of the game play for new users but in fact I think you did the opposite. New players that come into the game that reach level 30 finally get all their T3 badges. In total if you max out a character it would cost them right around, [ 288,000 ] coins. If they needed to buy that champion to max him: [ 338,000 ].

    With no coin boost and running a full team of level 30 plus with at least one max character... running roughly 3 mins a match...
    [ Right below 17 hours. ]. Not just that but load times like emo mentioned and waiting on friends and what not. THIS IS JUST FOR ONE CHAMPION.

    Now i know that XxemomimmexX has already done the numbers for you guys, but what i want to point out is. Pre patch, NOBODY was calculating numbers nobody was concerned with the amount of time it took because it was feasible, because it was fun to do. We just enjoyed the game and maxed out champions when we could. I regret the lost of this feature. Holyteldo on the stream said you guys at kiz hate when we use the word grind... Well regrettably it is in fact a grind now. On a side note not just did i never hear about anyone doing calculations before the patch i never once heard anyone call leveling to 30 or maxing an additional character a grind. With that all taken into account when I tell you what I need fixed, I believe I shouldn't even have to mention the gold prices because that is a given.

    Kiz, Im glad you released up to level 40 it was a great new feature.... But what is the point? Throughout the whole process you get 40k gold and like 50 chips. No new workouts, badges.. No large amount of boosters or coins... I just don't understand where the reasoning behind this was. You want to extend the game longer yes, but at the same time people set goals for themselves because it is something they want to achieve.. I wanted to hit level 30 because final T3 badges, coins, coin boosters, and 200 chips! I'm in absolutely no rush to get to level 40 because there is nothing waiting for me there. No goals, nothing new.

    You wont lose me as a player.. But this has discouraged others from playing as much and i don't like seeing that.
    Like emo said, You guys do whats best for you and the players please. Its your game we're just playing it.

    - Alexzimys

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    My biggest concern is that new players have a much harder time hanging with veterans now that it takes hundreds of thousands of coins to max a single character. How will the playerbase expand if new players are just getting steamrolled by veterans with maxed champs?

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    All this is not set in stone.

    Here are some suggestions that I think will help make this game feel less of a burden and encourage people to keep playing.

    1. Increase rewards from daily challenges.

    2. Increase rewards for matches.

    3. Implant a daily consecutive reward system. After signing in and playing 1 game for each day for a week you get a certain amount of gold. And doing this for a whole month could result in certain amount of credits.

    4. Implant a feature for quick or balanced mode. Quick will result in finding matches with players of any level. Balanced will result in finding matches with players of your rank.

    Disclaimer: These are only suggestions. I am not trying to dictate development of this game.

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    They need to add coin multipliers for wins.

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    I have 5 buddies that were in my clan that refuse to play, sad. I told them to just stock pile their gold, but they see it as a GRIND. Thankfully one of them stayed to help me grind to 40.

    As you can see Kiz it is unattractive to new players to hear from veterans that the top tier workouts and badges are expensive. They already are new to the game getting whooped by veterans, now they have to endure 300 some games to reach the same as a veteran. Workout and badge wise.

    I know a level 5 can kick butt against a level 40. I've seen it.

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    My friend and I have completely stopped playing until coin prices drop. Both of us don't use coin boost so it seems dumb to play 16 games to get the required coins to buy one workout
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    I couldn't stop playing because of it, but I can see how it can upset many. The devs have been communicative about their acknowledgement with the upset community though. So it keeps me with high hopes !

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