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I disagree just a little..

1. Plunderball should take into consider not just the carries but the returns. Carries should of course weigh the most due to it being the hardest. But returns should count for way more than KO's. Most who want to get up the leaderboard right now just camp spawns go for kills and don't care about scoring the ball.

2. Conquest, I don't play conquest almost ever but I'd say captures of course KO's alittle less than captures and maybe recaptures?

3. Annihilation, KO's should defenitly be number 1 biggest point givers but I really feel as though healing should be #2.. Because you can have a good DMG team all day but without a good healer you're done for. That being said I think third for Annhilation should be assist.. Because assist are huge. I could get a guy all the way down and someone could run up and deal the final blow and get all the credit and I get no points at all.

Just some ideas.

I can agree to your halfway disagree. But only halfway. Yes I just said it (;

1. Agree all the way.

2. Capture \ Defends more weighted.

3. Kills. Sweeps and assists.

If healing was a factor it would be ridiculous amounts of numbers racked up after plenty of games and I feel damage would then need to be acounted for being they both have large amount of numbers. Thigh healing would be over damage any day (:

I agree healing should be a factor. Being that you should have a support in a team while annihilating.