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Thread: Small addition request

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    Small addition request

    Is it possible to have an indicator showing which difficulty the raid is after it has been started ? Currently there is no way to know or I haven't found it.


    EDIT I mean at fighter selection screen, when you go in ofc mob levels indicates difficulty.
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    Check out the upper right corner of the menu, below the "X" / Close button. All the Alliance fighter select screens have a Level number, which indicates the recommended levels for your fighters for the current Raid battle. On the lowest difficulty, most/all enemies will be at exactly that level, but at higher difficulties the enemy levels can scale up from the recommended level to ensure a good challenge. The menus don't currently indicate ie. Easy / Medium / Hard, but that is something we can look into adding.

    Just an FYI, the Halloween update was submitted last week, so should be arriving any day now. We are now underway on a large UI update to facilitate multiple language support, so now's a good time to suggest menu updates like this!

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