Hi everyone!

I just found out about this game so I decided to create an American PS account so I too can play with this game.
Although I find it a bit sad that the game is not available in Europe because I find it a highly entertaining game (accept when my teammates decide to run around me like crazy when I have the enemys ball and they have our ball and I stay back at our base with their ball).
My problem about the game not existing in Europe that for example I can't buy chips to get the Champions I'd like to buy, whinch takes me to my other problem: I find the Champion prices too high and I took a look at some customization prices too and saw that some of the item can only be bought with chips which I can't buy in Europe and some can be bought with gold but on a really high price.

My question is:
Are you guys planning to release the game in Europe? And if so when?