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Thread: Oddilus advice

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    Oddilus advice

    To any Oddilus mains out there; I just want some advice to possibly improve my playstyle with Oddilus to make myself more of a threat. I am playing in a more aggressive way and I pretty much jump right into the middle of team fights. I do pretty well mainly against people of equal levels or a little higher. What should I be investing more into with badges when I get into the much higher levels, and what other ways are recommended for me to approach fights to do better and survive for longer?

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    As someone who plays this game too much...

    Oddilus dot doesn't work on catapult. Not sure about his reflect damage buff.

    Badges T2 or T3?

    most people go full pads then mix and match to find the right balance.

    Oddilus heath isn't extremely high, but has a buff product. As soon as it wears off GET OUT.

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    I have about 16 hours played with oddilus, almost solely in annihilation.

    I run tier 3 elbow pads, T2 aromatherapy (plenty of energy regen with no drawbacks), and T3 bowling. I use the badge that makes debuffs last 50% longer and girded. Oddilus is better as a hit and run champ. Don't be the first one into a team fight. Leap in, drop corrosion, and then get out. Move in and out of combat autoattacking regularly.

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    Seems like you got your Oedipus problem fixed (: have you tried hex duration and aroma mixed? That would be nice, especially when he gets fixed. With his damage over time.

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