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    Well everyone it doesn't look like gold prices are changing back to what we Vet's were use to.. So I thought of some neat ideas I hope the Devs look at and take into consideration.

    First Idea:
    Some kind of achievement system:
    100 Kills with Nexi - 5 coin boost / xp boost
    250 Kills with Nexi - 5 coin boost / xp boost
    500 Kills with Nexi - 10 coin boost / xp boost
    1000 Kills with Nexi - 10 coin boost / xp boost
    2000 Kills with Nexi - 50 coin boost / xp boost
    Of course this is just one example for KO's, you could also implement the same concept for Plunderball matches won, knocking people off the board, general KO's, scoring, assist.... Basically everything that gets scored in the game could have an achievement. Damage dealt. Taken.. Heals. Other game modes, nodes captured.. Those game type wins. Everything to allow for us to get more coin boost, with hard work and wanting to get all the achievements.

    2nd Idea:
    Once the ranking system gets fixed so a team of level 40's plays a team of level 40's, a Win Streak Bonus... It doesn't have to be a huge bonus but say like 10 games in a row means we then start getting 1200 coins a match.. just something small to make the getting of the coin easier for us consecutive players.

    3rd Idea:
    This has nothing to do with Coins, so if that's all you're looking for please refer to other two options. But i would love to see a character stat sheet. Showing me exactly how many kills i've gotten with just the specific character, the amount i've ever healed damage dealt.. basically a huge calculator to calculate all I have ever done with said character.

    THOUGHTS? IDEAS? Like what i have to say?

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    I would have so many coins.....

    Dots for dayz

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    change your name to fishdotz.

    I like what you have going on in your head alex, some good ole community brainstroming!

    I agree with you.
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